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Line scan Applications

Line Scan Applications

Line scan cameras are employed for an inexpensive method of inspection of high-speed products with high precision. Line scan cameras can be used for inspection of a continuous manufacturing line ensuring the product is defect-free. The camera can also effectively used for various sorting and monitoring applications for industries ranging from textile to steel.

Solutions for steel:

Surface Defects of Hot Steel: 

The line scan cameras can be used to identify defects in hot bars/billets moving at high speeds. The system accurately and reliably measures a part’s dimensions and detects its surface features, including defects, while it is still red hot.  Current measurement systems cannot be used until the parts cool down, which results in higher scrap rates once defects are detected.

  1. Inspect 100% of the surface of the product in-line; 
  2. Identify defects as small as a few mm; 
  3. Analyze and record the size, nature, and location of the defects;
  4. Measure 100% of the dimensions of the product. 

The system comes with a protective enclosure to ensure the heat from the product does not affect the inspection.

Vision Inspection of Steel Plates:

A manufactured steel plate is prone to scratches and other foreign particles due to manhandling or due to the ambiance. Care must be taken that the end-user is provided with a defect-free product and also within the specified dimensions. The ET line scan camera comes with the necessary tools to seamlessly inspect the surface of the plate as well as the width of the plate. A laser Doppler can also be integrated to provide the accurate length of the plate as well.

The inspection of the defects can be done on the top and bottom surfaces with the help of line scan cameras on either side. 

The vision inspects the following:

  1. Vertical Scratches
  2. Horizontal Scratches
  3. Chipping
  4. Breakages
  5. Stains /Color Variation
  6. Width variation

PCB inspection system:

PCB manufactures continues to adopt increasingly higher levels of integration and achieving higher and higher levels of component density, tolerances on assembly become tighter and tighter. Hence it becomes a priority to inspect the product before it is supplied to the client. Our ET Line scan Cameras with the necessary lighting unit helps address the issue. The ET X pro comes with the tools needed to compare the image of the current product with the reference image. 

The ET Line scan camera can inspect : 

  1. Solder paste inspection
  2. Component placement
  3. Post-reflow inspection

On line Gypsum Board Inspection System:

The ET Line scan cameras are a dedicated system to inspect the surface of the gypsum boards online. In addition to surface defects, the ET line scan can be used to measure the Width as well. By mounting the line scan cameras on either side of the gypsum board, the surface defects are detected. The system can accommodate varying quality grades and can be programmed accordingly. 

ET Line Scan can detect the following :

  1. Scratches
  2. Color Spots
  3. Orange peels
  4. Depressions
  5. Foreign Particles
  6. Width Measurement 

Online Battery Inspection :

Before a battery is being packed, it has to be checked for 1D /2D codes and labels. This ensures traceability and prevents any discrepancies during packing. The earlier method of the inspection was by employing an area scan camera on all sides. But this inspection method involves stopping the line and is time-consuming. To overcome this, the ET line scan cameras can be used. The ET line scan cameras do not require the product to halt on the line and also provides a precise inspection.

The ET Line scan Inspects :

  1. 1D/2D codes
  2. Optical Character Recognition(OCR)
  3. MRP and Date of Manufacture
  4. Label Position


The bottle and cap manufacture’s priority s to increase the throughput and reduce the cost incurred. Since bottles and caps are the first things that attract the customers while purchasing the product, it necessary to ensure that it is defect-free. By employing the ET Xpro vision system in the manufacturing line, the downtime is reduced. This also prevents faulty products being supplied to the client. 

Capabilities of ET- XPRO :

  1. Stain Detection: The stains on the surface of the bottles/ Caps can be inspected at high speeds and rejection can be provided to eliminate the nonconformity
  2. Label Position  and Logo Presence/ Absence: The shift in label position can be identified on the surface of bottle/ caps in addition to the inspection of  the manufacturer’s logo
  3. Neck Diameter Inspection: The Neck diameter is important for any bottle as the variation in size could affect the sealing using caps. Hence the vision system can be employed to measure the neck diameter
  4. Crown Inspection: Bottles are fitted with crowns to ensure the liquid doesn’t spill and prevents the Co2 from escaping the liquid. In order to achieve this, crowns are to be inspected for damages and dimensions.

Can inspection system:

Food products are usually packed in cans to have a greater shelf life and easier to transport. They are usually made by using aluminum. The conventional method of inspection is by employing multiple area scan cameras to inspect all the sides of the can. But this may not be the ideal solution since there is a possibility of missing certain sides of the can. Hence to overcome this issue, the ET line scan camera is used to inspect all the sides of the can. This is done by rotating the can 360 degrees in front of the line scan camera. The line scan camera will capture the entire region as multiple lines of pixels with which it reconstructs the entire image. Using the reconstructed image, the comparison is done with the master/reference image, and OK/NG decision is provided. 

The ET Xpro can inspect the following:

  1. The Label positions
  2. MRP, date of packing and QR codes printed 
  3. Logo Position
  4. Tears/cuts on the label
  5. Variation in label

Mobile inspection system:

During the manufacture of mobile phones, there is a possibility of scratches occurring on the screen and sometimes cannot be seen by the human eye. Area scan cameras are usually employed but it has its own limitation, the area scan camera needs to be mounted at an angle and needs to capture the screen multiple times. In order to capture multiple times, the line must be stopped or move at a low speed. The ET Line scan camera can precisely overcome this limitation. The line can be moved at high speeds and does not require stoppage. The other main attribute of the line scan camera is the ability to detect the smallest of the scratches or dents on the mobile. 

ET Xpro can inspect the following:

  1. Horizontal Scratches
  2. Vertical Scratches
  3. Foreign Particles
  4. Dents 
  5. Cracks 

Surface defects in tires:

The manufacture of tires is often driven with a high level of quality. Every step of the manufacture requires inspection in order to prevent clogging of the successive phases. The rubber is pressed into textiles (cloth, fabric, tire cord) for forming composite sheets , automatic inspection is to be done in order to prevent defective product to move into the successive processes.

The ET line scan cameras are mounted on the fabric calendar line to measure surface defects and to measure the width of the calendar. The system is constructed with 2 or more line scan cameras(based on the size of products) and appropriate lighting to ensure the product does not have defective products moving into the next process. 

The system checks for :

  1. Exposure of Textile on the calendar
  2. Markings on calendar
  3. Scratches
  4. Width of the calendar

Door inspection system:

Door manufacturers have a manufacture a wide range of doors with varying sizes, shapes, and colors. The quality levels to be maintained are very high  and require inspection before the product is packed. Since a manual inspection is prone to errors and is highly time-consuming, an ET Line scan can overcome the constraints providing a highly precise inspection. The ET Line scan cameras can be programmed to accommodate the different variants. The cameras are mounted on either side to ensure. 

The ET Line scan can inspect the following :

  1. Scratches
  2. Foreign Particles
  3. Dents
  4. Colour Variation
  5. 1D/2D codes* (area scan cameras can be used)  

Online Ampoule inspection :

An ampoule is to be checked for industrial standards before it is filled with the drug. The standards that are to be met are very fast owing to its pharmaceutical utilization. 

The ET line scan camera can provide a 360-degree inspection of the ampoule, inspecting all the necessary parameters to satisfy quality. The ET line scan inspects the ampoule at high speeds and does not require any additional inspection line.

The ET line scan inspects : 

  1. Stem Diameter
  2. Bulb Diameter
  3. Construction Diameter
  4. Body Diameter
  5. Eccentricity Measurement
  6. Cutting Break Ring Inspection
  7. ID rings