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Ampoule Bottle Inspection System

Ampoule bottles are checked for various quality parameters such as eccentricity, tip diameter, length of the ampoule, print inspection, cut mark in the ring, Dot diameter, the distance between the line and the dots, etc. In order to ensure the above-mentioned quality compliance, a customized solution is developed with a combination of Area scan cameras and line scan cameras. The system conducts product quality inspections and enables tight control throughout the production process. The  ET vision X pro software can seamlessly integrate the Area Scan and the Line Scan Cameras

The Area and Line Scan employed for various levels of inspection.

The Line scan cameras are effectively used for inspection of round surfaced objects. This is performed with a combination of a mechanical system along with a servo drive mechanism for rotating the ampoule. The ampoule is rotated in order to get a complete view of the product.

The Area scan cameras are used for the measurement of eccentricity, diameter and length of the ampoule.

This complete system is equipped with a high-speed camera controller unit, Line scan Cameras, Area scan cameras, light control system, PLC, PC for data logging, and the  ET-XPro Vision Software.