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Project Details

Battery and Post Height Measurement System

This system is used to measure the height of the battery and the height of the +ve & -ve Posts after the Battery Post Burning process.


Technical Specification:

  • AB Micrologix 1400 PLC.
  • AB Panel View HMI.
  • Intelligent Laser Displacement Sensor.
  • Serial Communication Module.

Need for Battery and Post Height Measurement System:


The +ve & -ve posts of the battery might not be properly burned during the process of post burning. Which will result in abnormality in the post height, which will be either higher or lesser than the desired height? Due to which the quality of the battery will be compromised. And sometimes the battery cover will not be properly fitted in the battery which will result in quality issues. Thus by using the battery and post height measurement systems, these issues can be overcome.



Proper retro fittings are fabricated in order to accommodate the sensors in the limited space available without affecting the process flow. All the measurements are done in online conditions.

For measuring Battery Height and Post Height, three Intelligent Laser Displacement Sensor is used. The laser beam of the Displacement Sensor is focused on top of the +ve post, -ve post, and battery body respectively. The values measured by the Laser Displacement sensors is transferred to the PLC using Serial Communication. An HMI has been provided to view the measured values and to adjust the various parameters like Setpoint, tolerance, and offset Values.

Since we are measuring the battery height in online condition on the conveyor. The roller bearing in the conveyor will have an offset of around 1-2 mm which will get added to the battery height during measurement. Thus to overcome this issue the battery is lifted above the surface of the conveyor using a lifting cylinder mechanism.

Thus the battery moving on the conveyor is first stopped by a stopping cylinder and then the battery is lifted using a lifting cylinder that is located under the conveyor, then the orientation of the battery is adjusted by a positioning cylinder and finally, the battery height and the post height are measured by the laser displacement sensor. If the battery is a GOOD battery the all the cylinder will be released and the battery will move to the next station. If the battery is a NOT GOOD battery then rejection Cylinder will push the battery to the rejection tray.