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Biscuit Inspection System

Quality of biscuit is majorly controller by oven temperature and the quality of raw materials used. The Baking process is very important in biscuit production as the quality deviation is mainly due to ineffective baking. Since the quality of every biscuit is to be maintained, vision systems are employed. The vision systems help maintain the integrity of the product delivered to their clients. The main advantage of visual inspection is its speed, versatility, and is nondestructive. The ET XPRO has built-in tools to inspect the surface of the biscuits and reject nonconformity

  • Circularity Inspection: The ET vision system can be used to inspect the circumference of the biscuits. This ensures there is uniformity in the product delivered
  • Bake Value: The ET vision system inspects the bake value of the biscuit based on the color variation.
  • Nuts/Chocolate chip counter: The ET vision system can be employed to count nuts or choc chips on the biscuits as they can prevent over/ under addition.
  • Breakages and Foreign particle inspection: The ET vision systems can check for the smallest of cracks or breakages on the surface. They can also inspect the presence of any foreign particles   

List of Defects:

  1. Over Baking
  2. Breakages
  3. Cracks on the surface
  4.  Missing holes
  5. Variation of the size
  6. Foreign Particles
  7.  Chocolate chips/Nuts  count
  8.  Absence of the nuts/Chocolate chips