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Cigarette Rod Diameter Measurement System:

Consistency in the diameter of the tobacco rod is significant to qualify a high-quality cigarette. The widely used conventional method of measurement is by using a stand-alone system which gives the product diameter of the cigarette. Though this measurement is very accurate, if there are any deviations found when measured, the batch will be rejected. This is a limitation in the Existing offline measurement system.


Our Cigarette measurement system is an online gauge that provides a real-time diameter of the cigarette and reports any deviations if found. This can be integrated with the cigarette maker machine to make real-time corrections.


  • High-Speed Measurement.
  • Integrated air wipes to prevent tobacco accumulation.
  • It provides performance characters like CP, CPK and Standard Deviation, etc.


  • Easy Maintainance
  • Provides Real-time data
  • Highly Accurate (± 1 Micrometer)