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A defects identification system for Diaper and Sanitary Pads

As the demand for personal care products is increasing, the quality standards are increasing as well in order to prevent market complaints and ensure safety. The ET Xpro is developed to ensure that products developed to meet the market standards every time.

The ET XPRO can be used for the following applications in the sanitary pads/Diaper manufacturing system :


Surge Folding & Presence/Absence of the disposable sanitary napkins /Diaper to be inspected online using a vision inspection system. Surge layer which is atop the liner forms the primary material of the disposable napkin. Any surge folds & presence/absence will have chemical exposure to the product as the adhesive layer plasters surge with the liner material. The total length of the napkin to be inspection is about 350 mm which is a bigger field of view for an online vision system inspection. This system ensures 99.99% accuracy. The online inspection of surge improves the quality of the disposable sanitary napkins. Inspection is accomplished with the assistance of 2 Megapixel Monochrome camera and backlight with high intensity LED illumination.


The foreign object detection system is an evaluative obligation of disposable sanitary napkin industries to check for defects like adhesive protrude on the napkin layer, splicing tapes on all the raw materials. A customized vision system solution has been developed in-demand for customers’ requirements to inspect/identify defects for this high-speed application. The core hardware essentials for this detection system is a 2 Megapixel Colour Camera and Multi-angle high intensity LED illumination.


Customized Online liner opening detection system helps to identify liner opening in the disposable sanitary napkins /Diaper which is a critical requirement as per the production standards. Non-detection of the liner opening leads to emerging out the pulp of the product. Pulp layers are employed in the product as a moisture absorbent. Lesser the pulp layer in the product, then product defect will be significant. The quality of the product standards is enhanced because of our customized high-speed online vision system. The core hardware essentials for this detection system is a 2 Megapixel Monochrome camera and Multi-angle high intensity LED illumination. The primary purpose of back led illumination usage is to acquire a shadow image for processing.


Batch code is a prevailing coding system commonly used in all the FMCG industries designated in the packed products. Serial Number/Production Lot & date of production will be declared in the form of batch code on packed products. An online vision system using high-speed cameras inspects batch code with higher accuracy.


Generally, manufacturers develop improved elastic threads for diapers to hold the product on the waist without causing discomfort. The precise vision inspection system is to inspect the elastic thread which in-turn increases the leakage properties of the product.