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Bottle Inspection System

Bottle and Cap

Bottle and Cap are key factors that influence consumers’ purchase decision, and hence, the manufacturers are under constant demand to increase the throughput without compromising the product quality. 

Deploying our innovative ET Xpro Vision System can help produce defect-free bottles and caps at an improved speed and reduced cost. The heavy-duty camera is designed to be custom-fitted in the manufacturing line to assess the quality of each product under inspection and ensure only quality products are delivered. 

Application of ET Xpro in Bottle and Cap manufacturing:

  1. Stain Detection: It can be configured to spot stains on the surface of bottles and caps at the rate of xxx units per minute and reject the products that are not in compliance with the quality benchmark. 
  2. Label Position and Placement assessment: The camera can identify non-conformance in terms of label positioning on the bottles/ caps. In addition, it can inspect the presence of relevant logo(s) and distinguish the units with logo missing, which will be classified as rejection. 
  3. Neck Diameter Inspection: A key parameter in bottle/cap manufacturing, as even a slight variation in the neck diameter will affect the sealing (with caps/crowns). Employing the vision system can ease the process by accurately measuring the neck diameter, as specified.

Crown Inspection: Cap or crown makes a bottle complete. It is a vital component to ensure the integrity of a bottle’s content by preventing spillage and Co2 from escaping the liquid. Thus, the ET Xpro can be integrated to inspect for damages and dimensions of all caps/crowns manufactured.

List of defects.

  • The Absence of the Cap is detected.
  • The Fill level variation is detected.
  • The Fill level variation is detected.
  • The Absence of Batch code & MRP.
  • The Misalignment of the Cap is detected.
  • Misprints on the Bottle is detected.
  • Mismatch of Stickers is detected.
  • Improper filling of the liquid is detected.