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Vials are used to store liquid medications and are considered to be more sterile than plastics. Patient safety is a top priority in the pharmaceutical industry. Even the smallest defects in filling and sealing of pharmaceutical vials can have a big impact on the quality of the product, and in turn, on the health of the patient.

The ET XPro Vial/bottle inspection system is an ideal solution to provide quality products to the customer with zero defects. ET XPro is a Taylor made vision system for the Pharma industry. The system comes with a package of highly user-friendly software, powerful controller, high-speed cameras, high-resolution lenses, and a variety of lighting arrangements based on the applications. ET XPro vision software has a package of multiple tools for inspection, measurement, and recognition of various parameters. And a number of image enhancement filters are available to bring out the best image for ideal inspection conditions.

ET XPro Vision can be used: 

  • To check filling level of Liquid or Powder in bottle/vial.
  • To identify any foreign particles, dust, glass particle, small insects, etc. in bottle/vial after the washing process.
  • To check the presence/absence of a cap on the vial and also checks the position of the cap.
  • Detection of product mix-ups based on the cap shape and color.
  • To check the presence/absence of seal in the vial.
  • To verify the Presence/Absence of the Label on Bottle/Vial.
  • To verify Label pattern matching and color matching.
  • To check and verify Pharmacode, 1D & 2D code. 
  • To check and verify OCR that contains the detail of the product like Batch Code, M.R.P, Manufacturing date, expiry date, etc.
  • To check Cracks in bottle/vial.
  • To check Deformations of the bottle/vial.
  • To check Defects on the bottle body.
  • To check Empty vial.

ET XPro vision system is equipped with a high-resolution camera and specially designed backlight that will capture the image and the custom-designed software will process the image and judge the product as a Good or a Defective product. If the product is identified as a defective product the controller will provide a rejection signal to the rejection system. The Rejection System may be Air-based or Piston based, depending upon the weight and dimension of the product. On receiving a rejection signal, the rejection system rejects/sorts a particular defective product from the production line.

The advantage of the ET XPro vision system is that it can inspect the products at high-speed conditions. The same camera system can be used to inspect various sizes of vial/bottles. It is possible to create multiple recipes for various products. The system is capable of storing all the defective image for further reference.