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Glass Bottle Inspection

The quality of the glass bottles should be as per the industry-grade and to be suitable for packaging in food and beverage. These bottles are manufactured for wide purposes ranging from cool drinks bottle, juice bottle, milk bottle, alcohol bottleā€¦. They also come in different sizes, colours and shapes. Manufacturing defects are very common in the glass bottle industry. There was always a high demand for machine vision inspection as most of the manufacturers still do inspections manually. The very reason behind this is the number of defects and colour of the bottles.


We inspect the complete bottle ie 360 deg of the bottle and topside camera for defects in the mouth. The common are neck defects, structural defects, foreign particles, bulged body, Shoulder defects, and cracks. ET Xpro system comprises of High-resolution camera with advanced lighting features. This makes the system reliable and user friendly. With the customized mechanical design, the cameras and the light can be easily adjustable and can be fixed in complicated locations. Multiple tools are used for the varying defects size and position, once the algorithm identifies the difference between the OK and Not Good output, there is a digital signal processed. This signal is the output for the rejection of the bottles.