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Glass Industry

Glass Industry is one of the highly-competitive industries, mandating the manufacturers to constantly enhance their processes to gain competitive advantage. One of the prime criteria to focus on is the delivery of defect-free products to build brand loyalty and strengthen the customer base. 100% quality of products should be delivered every-time, which mandates stringent quality control and inspection procedures to ensure that the surface of glass manufactured has no cracks, scratches, bubbles or any foreign particles present. 

Our ET Xpro is designed to support Glass manufacturers comply with the quality norms, be it an automotive glass or consumer/pharmaceutical glass. 

ET Xpro’s application in Automotive Glass manufacturing:

  1. Curvature Measurement: It employs a laser sensor mounted on an actuator to measure and deliver the Max, Mid and Min Curvature details of a glass. 
  2. Defect Detection: It can meticulously detect and identify the presence of cracks and foreign particles on the surface of the automotive glass, and report in case of any irregularities.

ET Xpro’s application in Pharmaceutical Glass manufacturing:

  1. Eccentricity measurement: The vision system has the capability to measure the eccentricity of a vial/ampule at high speed and precision.
  2. Neck and Stem inspection: The accuracy of the neck and stem of an ampule/vial is a key to ensure compliance with global standards. Our vision system has a built-in feature to assess the specifications of products under inspection and provide feedback to the machine to take corrective actions if found any deviation.
  3. OCR: It can read the text/characters printed around a vial/ampule, such as brand name, dimensions etc., and report in case of any mismatch or misprint.

Defects Detection: The vision system can precisely detect cracks, breakages, or foreign particles on the surface of vials/ampules.