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Manual inspection of the needles is laborious and prone to irregularities. The ET Xpro can be employed to eliminate defects at high speeds without compromising the integrity of the product. The Needle inspection system provides precise measurement of details of the needle such as the area of the needle tip and its angle. When the needle exceeds the preset tolerances, the system provides reject signals using which faulty products can be eliminated. The real-time inspection of needles increases the effectiveness of the production. The inspection system can be integrated into the production environment and will inspect any needle for dimensional errors, burrs, hooks, etc. The ET XPro not only provides a defect-free inspection but also reduces the manpower employed making the system cost-effective.

The ET XPro can inspect the needle for the following :

  • Needle Angle
  • Bluntness Inspection
  • Burr detection
  • Hook detection