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Non-Tobacco-Related Material Inspection System (NTRM)

The Purity of a cigarette is fundamental to ensure product reliability, and hence, it is of utmost importance to prevent any non-tobacco related materials (NTRM) from entering the cigarette maker. Our NTRM Inspection System is built to precisely detect and remove foreign particles. In order to ensure efficient tracing and removal of foreign objects, it has:

4 high-speed cameras: The whole of tobacco contingent undergoes the scrutiny of the cameras to single out any foreign particles.

Controller Unit: It analyzes and accurately identifies the presence of NTRM based on images captured by the camera unit.

Industrial PC: Displays the data processed by PLC for real-time user monitoring and data logging.

To avert tobacco flakes from falling and blocking the camera’s view, the entire system is encased in an acrylic enclosure.

What Does NTRM Reject?

  • Sealing Material
  • Wires
  • Feathers
  • Paper
  • Insects and Bugs
  • Cloth
  • Stones
  • Strings & Metal
  • Cable Tie

Real-Time Defects