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Plastic Containers Inspection System

Quality cannot be compromised when it comes to dairy products. Our ET XPro has been developed with an advanced algorithm for 360-degree inspection. Our vision system can be applied at various stages of the manufacturing process from filling, sealing, labeling, packing…. Online inspection at very high speeds and any modifications in process, can be easily accommodated with our camera system. ET XPro software is developed to maintain brand image, food industries invariably use vision systems for automating the manufacturing process.

Fill level: 

Fill level checks can be done using our Measure position tool. This tool maintains the level and identifies the increase or decrease in level. This helps to maintain the branding of the product.

Foreign particles: 

There are always chances of foreign particle presence in finished goods. The common are black spots and insects. Pixel count is an ideal tool, and any foreign particle can be identified and the end product can be rejected.

Air bubbles:

Air bubble is another common defect in diary products. Pixel count tool compares the pixel value with the OK and NOT OK products and with the limit settings options the air bubble products can be rejected.

Logo detection:

The logo is the identity for products and it has to be present in the defined position.  Find shape is the tool and it identifies the presence/absence and also the position can be verified.

Label inspection:

Label inspected for its presence, quality, and position of the finished products. This can be performed by Pixel count, Area, Find shape, and colour tools.

Print inspection:

OCR tools known as Optical Character Recognition is a unique print inspection tool. Common defects are a Print mismatch, a missing character, missing print. With the OCR tool, the MRP and Batch code or any print data can be inspected.