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Project Details

Tyre Thickness Measurement System

This system is used to measure the thickness of the tire after Extrusion process. 

Technical Specification:

  • High Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor.
  • Siemens PLC.
  • SMC Servo Motor.


Two high accuracy laser displacement Sensors is mounted on the top and bottom of the sheet. Two laser sensors are used so that the thickness is not affected even if the sheet vibrates or wobbles. Both laser sensors is guided by two servo motors, which will move the laser sensor parallel to the surface of the sheet, to measure the thickness at various positions. The thickness is measured at Seven Specific Points to check if the sheet has the corresponding thickness at the specified profile position on the surface of the sheet.

The measured thickness values are displayed in the client’s HMI. Auto calibration mode is provided in the system, in case to adjust the system automatically after some physical changes have been done in the system. The laser sensor are mounted inside a protective enclosure and air purge is provided to regulate the temperature of the sensor. And to protect the glass from the smoke that raises from the rubber sheet after extrusion process. Manual mode operation is also provides to move the sensors to a particular position on the sheet and perform the thickness measurement. In auto mode the sensors will move to the seven predefined positions in a cyclic fashion and display the corresponding thickness values on the HMI.

The advantage of the system is that it can measure the thickness with high accuracy even under harsh conditions with smoke and high temperature after the extrusion process.